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This gallery is a representation of a world I'm creating in my head, one that grows more through every spark of inspiration!
It may be nothing much now, but I will keep building it and make it more interesting!!
*cue pointless dramatic music* :|

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Hello, I'm Pastell and I act younger than I am :iconyuiswayplz:

And no, I don't really have a thousand deviations. It's a glitch I think :/

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They're super long now wow

Well, I got their character traits. Now I have to think about the magical girl side of them, like their powers, in more detail~

I should upload a set of drabbles about them soon, ah


Joy Smiley
Age- 13-14
Birthday- Feburary 14
Hair color- cinnamon red
Skin color- brown
Build- small, pudgy
Race/Nationality- black/African-American
Favorite food- Chocolate-covered strawberries, spaghetti
Magic powers- Becomes a fairy that fights with the power of love in the form of sparkling beams to drive out fear. Can grant wishes when certain requirements are met. Can alter the appearances of things. She also gains the power to see people's dreams and turn nightmares into good dreams. Can spread "whimsy".
Wish- World peace, to be a famous cartoonist, to experience magic!
Catchphrases- "It went WHOOSH!" "It brings me sparkles in my soul." "My heart feels like kittens are living in it!"
Personality description-
Joy is a humble, bumbling girl with a Whimsical colorful imagination and a big heart. She's a dreamer and her mind is like a hot air balloon, always floating to different lands.
Childish and innocent, Joy is sweet, docile and pure. She loves art and being creative.
She loves animals and can communicate with them in a way. Joy is sensitive and the emotions of other people get to her really easily.
Joy has been described as "really weird" by other people because her way of thinking is way off from "the norm".
However, Joy is timid and scared of the world, which is why she wishes for a more peaceful one. She hates violence.
Joy has nightmares often, they really bother her. She always tries to remember that if she keeps love and happiness in her heart, she can chase her fears away.
Joy's dream is to one day experience magic and visit the fantasy world in her heart.
Her "dere" type is dandere. She's also a "moe" character.
Her grades aren't the best, but she's gifted artistically.
Joy's favorite stuffed animal is a koala named Hope who brings her comfort on a bad day.
Her magical girl form is a fairy. Her theme color is pink.
Other facts-
-lucid dreams
-has synesthesia
-heavy sleeper
-has a huge stuffed animal collection
-loves food, big eater!
-plays the piano
-very compassionate
-loves gummy candies
-lives for comfort
-Interested in Japanese fashion, fairy-kei
-runs a blog called "Whimsy World"
-Has a crush on her upperclassman Grace
-dances when happy, without meaning to

Vivian Starr
Age- 14
Birthday- December 23
Hair color- blonde
Skin color- peach
Build- quite tall and heavy
Race/Nationality- white/Caucasian
Favorite food- mushroom risotto
Magic powers- becomes a magician who can create illusions and use mysterious forces. Can also make things float. Can spread happiness.
Wish- To make everyone in the world smile! And to have a happy life!
Catchphrases- "I love dorks! They're just like me!" "I command you to smile!" "You're the macaroni to my cheese."
Personality description-
Vivi is an outgoing cheerful girl with lots of aspirations and dreams.
Her full name is Vivian Starr.
She's eccentric, animated and loves to make people laugh. She has a creative, witty side and cracks lots of jokes. She dreams of being a comedian and entertainer.
Vivi used to be very shy when she was younger and still somewhat has that side. One day she decided to make the entire world smile, so she broke out of her shell and started accomplishing her dream.
Vivi is somewhat self-conscious of her large size, and is learning to be more confident about the way she looks.
Her "dere" type is slightly himedere, since she loves being the center of attention and can be the smallest bit bossy and even pouty.
Her grades are average.
Her magical girl form is an elf. Her theme color is yellow.
Other facts-
-absolutely loves Nintendo
-loves cartoons
-loves making puns
-runs a really eccentric blog, all about stuff she likes. Overuses hashtag.
-loves anything out of the ordinary, exotic foods, obscure animals, aliens, etc.
-likes annoying Maya... out of love
-often has nightmares, so Joy teaches her how to control her subconscious
-very #trendy
-has a huge repertoire of memorized lyrics, even in other languages
-has two little sisters she plays pretend with

Maya Mei
Age- 14
Birthday- May 7
Hair color- dark green
Skin color- tan
Build- somewhat tall, thin
Race/Nationality- Mixed; Hispanic, Chinese
Favorite food- black bean enchiladas with fried rice
Magic powers- becomes a magic knight who fights with a sword made out of light that can penetrate darkness and drive away hatred. Can spread friendship.
Wish- To go on an adventure! To be friends forever with everyone.
Catchphrases- "Let's go on an adventure!" "Absolutely!" "It's not like that!"
Personality description-
Maya is a quirky, adventurous girl with lots of willpower and a passion for life.
She's boyish and is a bit of a tsundere. She doesn't like being called a "young lady".
She has a big soft spot for Bonny, who she tends to show a pampering side to.
She tends to act the most serious, but inside she wishes she were a looser person with more charisma.
Maya's dream is to be an adventurer who discovers things and helps people.
She cares deeply for her friends in an almost knightly way. (Once she frantically rushed Joy the nurse's office when she got sick and stayed by her side loyally. She was also willing to fight the girls who bullied Vivi.)
Maya is into horseback riding, and visits a horse named Nelly on her uncle's ranch.
Her "dere" type is tsundere. She may act tough but she has a heart of gold.
Her grades are good.
Her magical girl form is a knight. Her theme color is green.
Other facts-
-plays tennis
-quite practical
-interested in medieval times
-makes very bad jokes and gets embarrassed (which is why she refrains from making them)
-is a great cook
-gets lonely easily, but doesn't show it
-very bad with computers/internet.
-Her blog is simply called "Maya" and she uploads pictures with no context.
-strongly denies having ever cried
-names and gets attached to her school supplies and other things
-loves swimming
-a big fan of the stories Bonny writes
-secretly loves romance... secretly.

Bonny Orabella
Age- 14
Birthday- September 9
Hair color- powder blue
Skin color- peach with freckles
Build- somewhat short, average weight
Race/Nationality- white/Caucasian (Italian roots)
Favorite food- ramen
Magic powers- becomes a witch that can cast an array of spells. Learns to create magical potions. Can spread inspiration.
Wish- To be more outgoing, to explore the ocean
Catchphrases- "Dashing!" "Oh my..." "It's a secret!"
Personality description-
Bonny is a calm, sophisticated girl who loves beauty and wants to express herself. Her dream is to be an actress/singer, but her problem is that she's too shy to step forward.
At first glance she seems like the "emotionless girl", always lost in a book. She dislikes how she appears to others.
She's very good at imitating voices but has trouble finding her "own voice". (this is both literal and symbolic)
She's talented at acting from practicing alone in her room, and also has a killer singing voice. Only Maya knows about this though.
Bonny's main hobby is reading and often writing her own stories.
Bonny generally has low self confidence and becomes discouraged easily.
Her "dere" type is kuudere.
Her grades are incredible, much to others' jealousy.
Her magical girl form is a witch. Her theme color is blue.
Other facts-
-loves classical literature such as "A Little Princess"
-is depended on to know things, gets embarrassed when she gets facts wrong
-is a terrible cook (often ends up cooking her homework accidentally...)
-loves water, and anything related to the ocean
-addicted to sports drinks, despite not being sporty
-has a "lucky keychain" that seems to bring her bad luck...
-hates coming off as "cold"
-is actually a bit of a drama queen... or just melodramatic.
-is a blogger of literature (and got all her friends into blogging)
-loves reading animal stories
-admires Joy for her warmth and true personality
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Do Do Pi Do
  • Reading: The Cricket in Times Square
  • Watching: Strawberry Panic
  • Playing: Tomodachi Life
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Vitamin Water

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