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This gallery is a representation of a world I'm creating in my head, one that grows more through every spark of inspiration!
It may be nothing much now, but I will keep building it and make it more interesting!!

*cue pointless dramatic music* :|

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I'm feeling like the only one in the world who ships Haku x Akaito again...
Miku's P.O.V.

My friend Haku had always been blushing and freezing up when she got nervous, but lately she has been doing it even more.

As of why, the answer itself seems so obvious. Yet somehow, I find myself still wondering if it's really true.

I can tell though. Haku's struggling to keep her feelings inside in fear of getting her heart broken, and when I ask her about it, she denies the fact that she's feeling anything. However, her blatant stutters and flustered pink blush on her cheeks are telling me everything otherwise.

The tumbling butterflies in Haku's stomach and the sparkles shining brightly in her eyes... they all began on a cool, rainy day in October. The season had suddenly jumped to being cold and wet, sending Haku's previously summery, fine mood into an emotional whiplash.

It got even worse on that day, when Haku lost her favorite stuffed kitten Snowbell outside of school in the rain. That kitten meant everything to her, so she came to me in the school library that afternoon in tears. I tried calming her down, but it just wasn't enough. It wasn't a real cat, but it had been lonely Haku's imaginary friend since she was little. I felt really bad for her, and promised I'd go look for it as soon as school let us out.

Right when we parted that day for our final class period, I saw a suspicious-looking tall boy in our grade with red hair whom I didn't know. He hobbled towards Haku with both his hands in his pockets.

Haku wasn't a person much able to defend herself, so I stood on the side just in case he was thinking of picking a fight with her or anything. My kick's pretty strong, if I do say I myself.

But instead, the guy took his hands out of his large pockets. In his right hand, there was Haku's stuffed kitten wrapped in a little pink towel. He gently handed the white cat back to her with an aloof look on his face. At that moment, Haku's entire world lit up again.

"I found this in the rain, and I knew it was yours." He said, in a stern voice. "I'm sorry it's wet, but I tried my best to dry it before giving it to you..."

I saw him glancing towards the side as he spoke, as if he was hesitant about something. Haku's eyes grew so large and bright with thankfulness, I was able to see their shine from where I was standing.

"Thank you..."

Haku wiped the tears out of her eyes, took the kitten into her hands, and thanked the boy bashfully.

"Ah, m-my name is Haku Yowane..." she said quietly, after she thanked him. "We're in the same class next period..."

"Oh... are we?" the boy said back, pulling at the scarf around his neck. "Well... um, Yowane-san..."

He spoke with a strange nervous leer, as if he was afraid to open his heart to a complete stranger.

"I'm... Akaito Shion. Second-year in high school. I dislike being called by my last name, so please call me Akaito."

"Akaito-san? Um..." Haku mumbled, "Thank you again for f-finding Snowbell. If I had really lost her, I don't know what I would've done..."

Haku began to choke up again, and Akaito pat her once gently on the shoulder.

"It was no problem, really."

Akaito turned around and solemnly began to wander to his next class. Haku began to follow behind bumblingly as if she were duckling following its mommy.

With large snoopy eyes, I watched them both until they were out of sight.

If I had known one thing at the moment, it would be that they looked and acted perfect together.


A couple of weeks passed. Akaito and Haku had gone from being acquaintances to regular friends. Being their quiet selves, they didn't talk much. Akaito barely said a word. Yet they stood by each other, almost seeming to comfort one another. Yet without a word.

It almost made me curious.

The two had been meeting in the school's library after school to catch up on work, and I was there too as the librarian's after-school assistant. They sat in the beanbag chairs together, helping each other out and reviewing. It always went very smoothly. Seeing their friendship progress with my own eyes had to have been the thing that warmed up the unusually chilly autumn.

The two were in the same algebra class, which Haku had been failing at the time. Haku was a smart girl, she just often doubted herself. Ever since Akaito started helping her with her work, Haku had been solving more problems on her own than ever before. Eventually, she even went from being tutored to helping Akaito with his work!

"Yowane, I actually think you're smarter than me." Akaito stated one day, blatantly hiding his embarrassment.

"Do you really think so, Akaito-san?" Haku asked shyly. "It's because you've been helping me."

"You've been solving problems in seconds, Yowane. I didn't teach you to do that. I'm not even capable of doing it myself. Seriously."

"But still, thank you, Akaito. Thanks to you, I feel confident for my test tomorrow!" Haku smiled, packing her papers, ready to make it out the door with her binder.

"It's... no problem."

Ending the day's study session, Akaito cleaned up his workspace and shut his binder...

"Hey." He said as soon as he saw the front of his binder. "What's this kitten thing doing on here?"

A light purple sticky-note with a cutesy drawn kitten on it was stuck on Akaito's binder. Reading the the tiny handwriting at the bottom, it said "Thank You, Akaito" and "It's Snowbell!"

Akaito made a skeptical face.


Haku, who was fast at walking out the door, had already packed her bag and was now in the hallway.

"Yowane is silly." Akaito thought, an odd feeling inside him. If any other paper had been stuck to his binder, he would've crumpled it up and have tried to make a shot into the trash can. Instead, Akaito took Haku's note and stuck in on his review sheet, kitten drawing and all.

Slowly, he made his way to the door and walked out. I had just realized my eyes had been on the two for the whole day.

"Miku, you always seem to be... watching the students here." School Librarian Meiko Sakine stated, as I stood on a stool to put a book high up on one of the shelves.

"Um, really!? Ack!" I spontaneously lost my balance and flipped off the stool. Luckily, I landed on my butt...

"Um... gee. I'm just... trying to make sure they're studying and not talking, you know!"

"That's nice of you." Miss Sakine said. She had a slightly fishy look in her eyes...

Was she on to me? Was she on to my plan!?

My plan was this.

The thought of Haku being in love brought butterflies to my own stomach; good butterflies of course.

That's why I'm deciding to become Haku's personal Cupid.

Akaito obviously seemed like a really, really nice guy. He kind of denied it though by covering himself up. In reality, Haku and Akaito actually seemed very similar. They both needed to come out of their shells more; maybe they could even help each other do it together.

I wanted for Haku to be happy. If Haku were to fall in love and to experience such magical and happy feelings, it would warm my heart more than anything.

Love could transform Haku into a butterfly. From her sad grey cocoon, her true beautiful self would emerge, or so I hope. Akaito will then realize Haku's beauty and give her the strength she needs to believe in herself.

For Haku to believe in herself...

Maybe I was just having delusions. Could Haku and Akaito really be together? They seemed like good enough friends, but friends and lovers are two completely different things. What if they're just not interested in being together? I'd be wasting my time then.

Though honestly, I could just feel it. They liked each other. They acted completely trustworthy, and did I mention the way they blushed? Maybe they were already thinking of confessing!

That's it... I'm going to ask Haku what she thinks of Akaito.
Shy Lovers part 1
I'm writers blocked so I'm writing boring cliche stuff again

This needs a new name.

Akaito calls Haku by her last name because it takes a certain level of familiarity to start calling by fist names in Japan.
Eventually, he might go from calling her "Yowane-san" to "Haku-chan".
Rei as Rei by RainbowIcePop
Rei as Rei
basically this is Rei Hino dressed as Rei Ryuugazaki because they're both Rei :meow:

Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) is from Sailor Moon
Rei Ryuuugazaki is from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
The Yuri AkaHaku by RainbowIcePop
The Yuri AkaHaku
Akarin! :iconwave-uplz:

So um...
The idea of shipping Akarin and Haku...

is because Haku x Akaito is called "AkaHaku" . u .

And Akarin's name also starts with Aka

So Haku x Akarin is AkaHaku too, but yuri :iconblushplz:

...and also because I adore both these two and have always wanted to draw them together :iconahehplz:


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