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my OTPs are
advisory: contents may be perceived as lewd


Neru was meowing in her sleep again.

"Meow... chirp..." Neru made noises amidst her snoring.

Haku got caught in the moment and used this as an invitation to lick Neru on the cheek like a mama cat. Neru's eyes instantly shot open.

"Yowl!" She exclaimed. "Stop it, puppy! Wait... oh... it's just Haku."

Haku rolled closer to Neru and gave her an intimate snuggly hug. Both of them were newly refreshed from their midday nap, wearing only their bra and underwear.

"Neru-chan..." She squeaked.

"Yes, Haku?" Neru gently pushed Haku off of her. A light blush spread across her cheeks.

"Neru-chan, let's play?" Haku begged.

Neru sat up sleepily and sighed.

"You're hopeless, Haku..." Neru said. "You're acting all childish again. What is it about me that makes you act like this?"

It was true, Haku only acted this way around Neru. Before she met Neru, she was extremely shy. She would always look gloomy and outcast. It was Neru that brought out Haku's courage to be her true self.

"But Neru-chan, we love each other..." Haku whispered.

"True." Neru said. She smiled sweetly and pulled Haku's face in closer for a kiss. Haku closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Neru, falling gently on the mattress.

They parted from the kiss and still had their eyes locked on each other. The hotel room suddenly felt a little bit hotter...

"Well... Haku, if you want to play..." Neru coyly pulled the neck of her shirt down, trying her hardest to be seductive, "I'll let you."

Haku stared at Neru for about two seconds, turning red.

"Ah, N-Neru!" She suddenly gasped. "I-I didn't mean THAT kind of 'play'!"

Haku hit Neru lightly on the head.

"Haku!" Neru shouted, face becoming red. "H-how was I supposed to know what you meant!? Dummy!"

"Weirdo!" Haku shouted. A laugh started bubbling up inside of her.

Neru had so much pride, she refused to laugh. Rather, she smiled reluctantly and took a deep breath.

"I still love you, dummy..." Neru said quietly.

"I love Neru-chan too!" Haku beamed. Without warning, she took her bra off.

"Eeyaah!" It took Neru by surprise. "S-so you did want to 'play' after all...!?"

"N-no!" Haku blushed. "I-I'm just changing... into my swimsuit..."

Neru turned red again.

"W-well than, at least warn me first!" Neru growled.

"B-but why?" Haku asked, "We've already seen each other... all of each other..."

Neru's eyes grew twice their size. She hit Haku on the head.

"D-don't mention that!" She said, embarrassed.


"Geh, it's so bright outside!" Neru groaned. The sunlight was attacking their eyes.

"Y-yeah..." Haku felt uncomfortable as well. It showed in her voice.

The two already couldn't wait to arrive at the pool. Sweat was already dripping down their bodies and a nice dive in the pool would instantly revitalize them.

"Look, Neru..." Haku panted. "Water! We've arrived!"

As if the two were desert travelers who stumbled upon a lucky oasis, the pair dashed towards the pool. Immediately they threw off their bags and shoes and jumped right in the clear water.

The pure cooling sensation was magical, transforming their temperature from head to toe. The two girls rejoiced when they surfaced.

"I guess you're not used to the Dominican Republic yet." A soft voice said. It was a girl, shorter than Haku yet taller than Neru, with dark skin and hair tied in a neat bun. She had a slightly round physique. Her eyes were pure black.

"It's so hot here..." Haku told her. "I can't believe it's November."

"You should try going here in the summer then!" The girl said.

"Aaah!" Haku and Neru screamed imagining it.

"Haha, I'm Ora." The girl said. "I live in this country. We're close to the Equator, so it's hot all year long."

Ora spoke with gestures, in a tour guide kind of voice.

"Ora-chan!" Haku said. She felt like she made a new friend.

"Haku, she's not Japanese." Neru said. "We should call her 'Señorita Ora' instead."

"You can call me both, Señorita Haku!" Ora smiled.

"'Señorita?" Haku blushed. "Oh, sorry... I'm already married..."

Neru's face turned red like a tomato. She splashed Haku.

"N-no you're not!" Neru stammered. "W-well, not yet at least!"

"B-but we're practically married to each other already, Neru!" Haku said playfully, splashing Neru back.

"You two are engaged?" Ora asked.

"Yes!" Haku smiled.

"Something like that..." Neru said, eyes half-closed.

"I thought you guys looked pretty big to be children!" Ora laughed. She had such a bright smile, it was clear she didn't intend to hurt.

"You thought we were acting like children!?" Neru hid her face.

"How old is Ora-chan?" Haku asked her.

"Twenty-two." Ora said.

"You look so cute though-"

Haku was cut off by Neru.

"You've been acting strange ever since we got engaged, Haku." Neru mentioned, her hand on Haku's mouth. Haku stuck her tongue out and licked Neru's palm.

"Gyahaa!" She shouted. "Haku, that felt so weird!"

Neru dunked her hand back in the water and splashed Haku.

"You may not believe it, but Haku and I are both twenty-three. Physically, at least. Haku's birthday was a few days ago."

Haku took Neru's hand in hers and Ora watched them interact.

"I wish I had someone lovely in my life too..." Ora's expression turned into a bashful, yearning gaze.

"U-um, of course you will find someone!" Haku said, feeling sympathy. "I felt like you, before I met Neru..."

Haku smiled sweetly and encouragingly. She was turning into her sensitive self again.

"Gracias, Haku." Ora said, giving her a pat on the shoulder.

Haku and Neru spent a few minutes throwing a beach ball around in the water.

"I'm thirsty, Neru." Haku suddenly said, once she was panting and couldn't catch the ball anymore. "Let's drink a margarita!"

"How about water?" Neru suggested.

"Margarita!" Haku pouted.

"Just one." Neru said.

"Okay." Haku agreed.

After their drinks, Neru's stomach started growling.

"Now I'm hungry." She said. "Alcohol isn't good on an empty stomach."

The couple then went to the beach-side café in their swimsuits and settled down.

Haku's plate was filled with different types of interesting-looking island rice. She was a rice eccentric. Neru went with pasta, her comfort food.

"Señoritas!" They heard someone call.

Haku and Neru looked around and saw Ora. She was eating dessert and seemed quite fond of crème brûlée. With her dry clothes on, hey saw that Ora wore glasses. Haku and Neru sat at a table nearby to her.

"Ora-chan!" Haku greeted. Neru immediately started stuffing her face with pasta without a word.

"I love it here!" Ora said, "Even though I live here in Dominicana, I rarely get to go to this resort. But my uncle works here. He works hard tending the gardens in the resort. That's why it always looks so nice here!"

Neru burped aloud. Haku and Ora began staring at her.

"Hmph? Oh, excuse me."

Neru wiped the sauce of her mouth and took a sip of soda. She dove right back into her pasta, when...

"That's a strange way to eat pasta." An unfamiliar voice said. Neru abruptly stopped chewing.

"What did you just say?" Neru spoke aggressively with food in her mouth. She looked up and saw a tall girl, about Haku's height, with a thin physique and long wavy brown hair.

"Um, ew." The girl said, sitting down with her spaghetti. "Don't talk with food in your mouth. Also, you're supposed to twirl it on your fork and eat it slowly. You don't slurp all of it in your mouth at once like that. See?"

The girl began to twirl her fork and show Neru an example.

"And why would I care?" Neru said.

"Because pasta-eating is an art." The girl smugly flipped her hair back and crossed her legs.

"Oh yeah, try eating with chopsticks then!" Neru said, "I dare you!"

"Stop fighting!" Haku and Ora broke in. Haku grabbed Neru's shoulders and Ora patted the head of the brunette girl.

"Tonight, meet me at the Japanese restaurant." Neru said, fire coming from her eyes. "We'll settle it there."

"Chopsticks, oh please. Anyone can do that! It's not an art!" The girl said, fire coming from her amber eyes as well.

"Then pick up twenty things in one minute using chopsticks." Neru declared. "If you win, I'll start eating pasta like you do. And if you lose... you have to eat pasta with chopsticks with the rest of your life. And slurp them!"

"Challenge accepted." The brunette said, putting her hand in Neru's and firmly shaking it. "I'm Tina from Italy, where pasta is an art."

"I'm Neru from Japan, where eating with chopsticks is an art. Tonight, we will see which art is superior."

Neru and Tina shook hands for a few more seconds. All of a sudden they yanked their hands away and turned away from each other, both with a "Hmph!"

"Neru, haven't I told you to stop picking fights with people?" Haku said, concernedly.

"We're not fighting," Neru said, "We're dueling."

"It's too late now..." Haku thought to herself. "Neru made another rival... and a bet with her too!"
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